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Atlantic Property Management’s main office is located in Mount Browne House, Distillery Road, Westport, Co. Mayo.
The company is in operation since 1996 (formerly traded under the name Atlantic Coast Holiday Homes). In that time it has built a reputation for a friendly & efficient service.

Atlantic Property Management is the largest accommodation provider in Westport. So no matter what you are looking for such as long term lets, self-catering properties or even student accommodation, we are confident that we can meet your requirements.

The two principals of the company are Pat Aylward and Bob Kilkelly. We hope you find our site interesting. We are constantly updating it with the latest photos and information. We have not included all our properties on the site, as to do so would make it very cumbersome.


In Atlantic Property Management, we also provide management services for the following areas:

Apartment Block Management 

Apartment Block Management

Over the past number of years the requirement for Public Area Management has grown.

A service that was largely unknown of 15 years ago has now become an essential service in the current era.

Groups of individual owners, who share a common area, which is owned and administered by a limited company need a level of professional help in its management on a day to day basis.

Residential & Industrial Estates Management

Residential & Industrial Estates Management

Over the past number of years local authorities have included a planning condition that residential estates manage their own affairs.

So therefore from the public road to the edge of each individual property common area management applies.

Residents are therefore responsible for public area lighting, third party insurance, ground maintenance plus the responsibility of repairing services that breakdown in this area i.e. sewers etc.

Holiday Homes Management

Holiday Homes Management

Atlantic Property Management has vast experience in this field. Whether it is advice required on the construction of a holiday home or its location or even advice on interior lay-out – there is no more knowledgeable agency in the West of Ireland.



We provide affordable, quality, independent valuations in all sectors using our expert local knowledge and regional understanding for the following purposes: Acquisition, Disposal, Accounts, Lending, Taxation, Insurance

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